Christmas in the Flatiron District

Snowflakes, Christmas lights, Christmas Trees in NYC, reindeer, and Santa! The triangular state of the milestone Flatiron Building poses a potential threat over the Flatiron District (zip code 10010). The Flatiron District is the focal point of the seasonal joy this year, a region of Manhattan that highlights a bounty of Beaux-Arts and cast-press structures. The area is home to a rich eating scene, including exquisite Mexican sustenance and Michelin-featured New American restaurants, in addition to the enormous Italian culinary bazaar that is Eataly. Discovering some Natural Christmas Tree NYC isn’t so difficult. We have them transported from the North Pole early for our friends in Flatiron District. Madison Square Park is a go-to spot for provocative open workmanship establishments, free shows, and the first Shake Shack—purveyors of probably the most delicious burgers nearby.


All family members and neighboring children are highly excited to make flower wreaths. This activity makes everyone so excited. They use Hana Moss Flowers, fragrant foliage, dried flowers and fruits for its decoration which is symbolic for the native community. The aesthetical assembling of all these flowers and fruits give them excitement. To make it much more enchanting, Christmas lights and gingals bells are used in an expert way. Lightening effect enhances its attraction to the visitors, especially for children.

Holiday season bring us much joy and stress also so having Christmas prayers in our pockets can help us to remind us that it’s a season of happiness, celebration, and peace.T his is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to be thankful for much more to be. Jesus gives us hope and he is our savior. Together saying this prayer give the power of unity, spiritual strength to fight with evil. We feel happiness, calmness and protective insight.

All the community members throw a lavish dinner on Christmas Eve. They cook different dishes to please all the members. This day has great importance for children than elders. Dishes include mashed potatoes and baked turkey with stuffing, gravy, roast beef, and hams. For children, they have special offering dishes for dinner which are Christmas cake, apple pie, ginger bread, cookies of different flavors. Champagne has also a specific significance for elders at that dreaming Eve.


Christmas teaches us to share our happiness with others to make them feel happy who don’t have enough or are alone. Through charity, we promote the power of sharing and selflessness. Kids are allowed to pick toys to brighten the Christmas. By volunteering inexpensive stall are held for all the peoples who cannot afford expensive things yet meaningful and necessary for living. Children are expecting new gifts and toys on Christmas, go through their toy box together and explore gently used toys which they are willing to part with others on Christmas.

Kids are so much excited to meet their favorite character named as Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a legendary figure who distribute a lot of gifts among people and kids just to make them excited. Santa Claus have specific dressing and getup.