Christmas in Murray Hill


Murray Hill has a lively energy most hours of the day and night. In the morning, the streets are filled with young professionals looking polished in their Brooks Brothers suits as they head to work. Come evening, you’ll see the crowds returning home decked out in gym clothes and schlepping bags of take-out dinner and Trader Joe’s. It can seem at times like every resident is a recent grad — especially on 3rd Avenue where there’s always a big game airing at one of the many sports bars along the strip. Even so, the neighborhood has a down-to-earth, casual vibe. You can feel It even more during Christmas time with first Christmas lights appearing on the street. The atmosphere of home, warmness and family meeting is chipping in Murray Hill inhabitants hearts.
In the rush of the xxi century, we would like to give you some peace and possibility to chill down with the traditional Christmas at home time.
We will take care of your natural Christmas Tree delivery and bring some fresh Christmas tree aroma to your house.

Upcoming Christmas gathering and events in Murray Hill.

The Church of the Covenant will be going to celebrate Advent Season, December 2-24


It will be Organized byChurch of the Covenant310 East 42nd StreetNew York, NY 10017.

Come to The Church of the Covenant to celebrate Advent Season. That will be really superb. Come with family. It will be opened for public. No tickets will be required.

Christmas Eve Service at Church of the Good Shepherd


It will be Organized byChurch of the Good Shepherd (Episcopal/Anglican)
Inquiries / Information240 East 31st Street (between 2nd & 3rd Avenue)
New York

Enjoy Christmas Eve Service in Murray Hill. Which will be really amazing.

Christmas Eve Service and Handel’s Messiah Concert at Community Church of New York


It will be organized by community Church of New York Unitarian UniversalistInquiries / Information40 East 35th Street (between Park & Madison Avenue)New York, NY.A Community Christmas – 6pm

Join the Community Church for a warm and festive holiday service with seasonal music and stories. Which will be really rocking and amazing. Come with family and enjoy Christmas event.

Bring a gift of warmth, such as gloves, socks or mittens, for kids. Annual Handel’s Messiah Concert will start – 8 – 9:30 pm

it will be Opened to the public. Everyone is welcome!

Worship with Church of the Incarnation this Christmas, December 9-25


It will be Organized byChurch of the Incarnation209 Madison Avenue (between 35th and 36th Street)New York, NY 10016 on Tuesday, December 25, 2018 

LESSONS AND CAROLS will be on Sunday, December 9 at 5pm

CHRISTMAS PAGEANT will be on Sunday, December 16, 11am Service

Rehearsal Saturday, December 15, 10am. It will be opened to all children ages 3 to 10.

CHRISTMAS EVE Will be on Monday, December 24 at 5pm Family Eucharist will be held and at 9:30pm Musical Prelude, 10pm Festival Eucharist will be held.

CHRISTMAS DAY will be on Tuesday, December 25

At 11am Holy Eucharist at Church of the Incarnation 209 Madison Avenue
(at 35th Street). with a visit to the crèche for children. It will be FREE and open to the public.