Christmas in Kips Bay


 Kips Bay is a neighborhood with the character of toddler elves — or, rather, four of them immersed in parallel play. Stretching from the East River maybe to Lexington Avenue, and from 23rd Street to roughly 34th Street, it takes on a different aspect along each thoroughfare.

First Avenue in Kips Bay, for example, is an empire of health care dominated by NYU Langone medical center. Here, hospital buildings sit shoulder-to-shoulder, and scrubs are the principal street fashion. We hope that you will never be in need to visit one. However, our Christmas emergency phone line under the number 646 363 9107 is ready to cool down a little bit your Christmas fever.


Our elvish doctors will cure your house of fake ugly Christmas tree with the “Christmas ambulance” ready to deliver under your doors natural Christmas tree. Our Scandinavian Christmas trees are like a real panacea which ensure truly a family atmosphere and Christmas aroma in your house.

After a full busy day of saving Christmas and making sure that Christmas Tree delivery supplies everyone with wonderful organic Christmas Tree medicine, our elves are taking a small walk through the other area of Kips Bay.

While walking through this second Avenue they are under the impress of mid-century apartment buildings and incredible standout sand-colored Colossus: the 1962 Kips Bay Towers complex designed by I.M. Pei.

Funny fact: even if our elves are envoys from covered by ice north pole they really enjoy Mexican tacos from “Taco street”. If you don’t believe us check it on your own skin. They are there almost every day after work!
But if you missed them they probably already filled their greedy stomachs and went ahead to the most fun and young spirit area of Kips Bay.


If you are tempted and want food, visit La Tarte Flambee. They use a wood-burning oven to make tarts flambee that looks like pizza but is flat like a crepe. You can have them in $14 to $20 depending on the topping. Kip Bay also has a number of Indian restaurants, Mughlai Indian Cuisine is one of them.

Third Avenue, especially north of 32nd Street, is saturated with bars and the people in their twenties who patronize them. Here, at Hand Craft Kitchen and Cocktails, our elves are drinking cocktails and disgusting how the Christmas at home will look like in this year.

Christmas is one of the best time to visit the church. Kips has many old buildings of bygone eras including First Moravian church was built in 1849 but now holds First Moravian congregation.  Celebrate your Christmas Eve with your family or friends and make your eve unforgettable

As you can see the elves are not only hard working creatures from polar bears land they are also pretty social butterflies which will not forgive themselves to miss even one Christmas Event.
If you share this Christmas enthusiasm with them make sure to book some free time on 1 of December and make an appearance at Church of Incarnation – Christmas Fair.