Christmas in Gramercy Park


Gramercy Park is one of the most beautiful areas of Manhattan. Especially while being illuminated by Christmas lights!  It is located in a quiet corner and attracts fewer tourists than the nearby East Village and Soho. The neighborhood is bordered on the south by Union Square, to the west by the Flatiron District, and north by 23rd Street. While it all areas are as quaint as that immediately surrounding the park, it is still a nice place to live and quieter than other parts of Manhattan.


364 days of the year it is impossible for the merest mortals to enter the park. Although, there is one magical time in the year when people are more open to each other when they leave one additional place setting for the lonely wanderer. The jingle of the Christmas bells goes through the iron gates to the Gramercy Park and open them to visitors on an event called “Christmas Eve Caroling in Gramercy Park “.

After this unusual walk in the park with a head full of Christmas fever, we welcome you to visit our pop art store located nearby with organic Christmas trees. Our Christmas crew armed with helpful elves will help you to choose the best natural Christmas tree and provide you the best Christmas tree delivery on Santa’s sleigh straight to your home.
After making sure that your home will avoid the worst elves nightmares of ugly Christmas tree we encourage you to visit Pete’s Tavern. It is the New York’s oldest continuously operating bar opened in 1864 and continues to serve some of the best Italian cuisines!


If you haven’t made your plans for Christmas Eve dinner, Gramercy Park has many best places to eat for and enjoy Christmas with family and friends. Ferris is one of new American restaurant that is offering a distinctively adventurous ingredient pairing: carrot agnolotti, Cote de boeuf, and blood sausage. Not to be outdone, the restaurant Hanjan is also serving its version of traditional Korean fare. It is located at 36 W 26th St New York, NY 10010. Here in this restaurant, we can enjoy the great occasion of Christmas with a delicious dinner. The restaurant is offering a second prix fixe menu for $50 that includes options like includes three appetizers, a stew, and all the necessary accessories (kimchi, banchan, and rice), plus ice cream or sorbet for dessert. Make your reservation here while there is still space.
While many of us are looking for something out of the ordinary on Christmas Eve, perhaps tasty comfort food is more your taste this year. 

If so, we recommend heading to Upland restaurant, always enjoyable, casual and tasty. It is located at 345 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010. A Christmas Eve includes duck wings, short ribs, and chilled farro noodles with sea urchin is a hearty way to welcome the Winter holidays.

All these above places we can enjoy a lot at Christmas.